Income/Expenses: 2019

This post is a little Overdue, and I Must keep it Brief Sadly.  

However, I wanted to post it before I missed it and dropped too far behind!

General Thoughts on EXPENSES:
1) Expenses were high thanks to’travel’, which was largely just two flights in NY to Seattle, hotel/car, etc. . go on our family cruise to Alaska I mentioned in an earlier post.   It was a blast, but certainly expensive. 

Two ) And I understand shopping appears very high, Too.   A number of you may be considering -“that man spends money like crazy. What exactly are you thinking!” But literally it was only 3 purchases, and not one of these were”pleasure”: 1) brand new military uniforms for work ($775, and has been a mandatory purchase),  2) a race registration for your Army 10miler ($70 I believe ), and 3) printer ink. lol. See? Nothing really enjoyable or intriguing, but $876 spent! Ouch. The uniforms were the substantial majority of the costs, and all have been required for my job. I am Delighted with our entire savings speed this month of approximately 40 percent, and I have updated my Savings tab, above.   We understood the uniforms and cruise were likely to be expensive, so we attempted not to spend anywhere else.   Obviously, the surplus all went towards debt repayment.   Yep, doing that. Ugh!


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