Making money on the internet can be easy with the right guidance.

My Journey into the online world of making money online.



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Make money online.


Hi  it can be very difficult  just to know which way to go when you’re trying to make money online. So many gurus, and people who seem to know what they are doing in the online world of making money and who are only to pleased to sell you their courses..
People trying to say you can become rich really quickly and without doing too much work. The internet is full of them.
Of course there is no doubt that you can make a lot of money on the internet if you know what you’re doing, if you can Crack the make money online code;
although this isn’t always as simple as it sounds. I’d like to use myself as an example of somebody who wanted to make money online and so started out on this journey not knowing what he was doing, and which way to go to start making money online quickly.
In the long run if I had known what I know now, I definitely would have looked for better courses online to teach me just how to make money properly on the internet.
So I will give you my story to let you know what not to do, and just to try and help you miss the pitfalls and mistakes that you can make when you’re trying to earn money online.
The story with myself is that for some reason, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make money online. In my case I was fed up with my job. I didn’t want to be working in this job much longer.
I could intuitively see that the internet is just getting bigger and bigger and more and more people are buying things online. So I saw a sponsored advert on Facebook about how to make money online. I’m not sure and can’t remember what that advert was exactly. However this sparked my interest in making money online and so my journey into the online world of money making began.
The first thing I did was to watch lots and lots of YouTube videos about how to make money online, in particular for myself; I got into a guy called Dan Brock,  the deadbeat super affiliate. Now this guy is an experienced internet marketer and I did end up actually buying one of his courses, and to be fair the course wasn’t very expensive and it enabled me to make some websites. Quite simple websites however, these have failed to make me very much money so far. I was pleased with the little websites not knowing any thing about website building before hand. I also made You tube video’s which I got made for me in India. I put together the scripts and I pushed traffic(people) to my websites through these video’s. You can see an example below.

This video was to advertise for Shopify stores and offer a 14 day free shopify trial. If the person carried on and bought into a Shopfy contract I would make a commission.
Another example was for a hair loss product again I got the video made in India and added it to a YouTube channel.
I then directed people(Traffic) to my WordPress website Check it out to give you an idea of how it works.
I then started looking at a guy called John christiani and he at that time was
doing a course was running a course called internet jetset and this course, helps people from knowing nothing to becoming a super affiliate and  earn money online.  Unfortunately by the time I was taking this course, I had already learnt quite a lot about affiliate marketing which we will cover later on in other blogs, and also we will be covering John christiani super affiliate system at some point in the future as well.
So while I was looking at YouTube videos I was skipping from one idea to another and I was very excited because I could see the potential for making some income online. However I fell into the trap of trying to do to many things too quickly. Just to give you an example I tried to understand and try out Facebook advertising, I gave this a quick go trying to sell a print on demand T shirt design and then I skipped over to something else.
makepassiveincomegold instagram,
Makepassiveincomegold instagram. An early account as an example.
I got into Instagram I set up lots of accounts thinking that these would make me money and I spent a lot of time building these accounts spending money on buying some followers and learning more and more about Instagram on YouTube and the internet in general. But all this did was suck my time I did learn a lot about internet marketing and how to make adverts and images for Instagram however for me I couldn’t crack the code on Instagram and it still seems a little bit complicated for me and I think you need automation and bots to be able to use Instagram and make money properly.
I then actually tried to make money with YouTube. So I started some more Youtube channels and did some reviews, these reviews were with Amazon products and some clickbank affiliate products. We will cover these affiliate programs at a later date in a further blog.
And so again I spent a lot of time making my You Tube channels trying to get them to be search engine friendly as possible but this was a learning curve too.
I was a beginner and there was so much to learn and take in. I also was camera shy and didn’t think I looked good on camera ,so I had to learn how to make You tube video’s with out my face in them as well. So I didn’t make alot of money doing this. I continued trying adding video’s,still trying with Instagram and my small websites. I also got into blogger websites on Google. Looking back I was spreading my self thin and should have just concentrated on fewer projects. Of course this is where having a mentor or teacher to give me a plan and guidance would have been so good and would have saved me so much time and stress. Yes I did learn a lot,but I could have been up and running with earning money online so much more quickly. Another problem I came upon was what companies are actually legit? And are worth working with?
A lot of affiliates are pushing affiliate companies because they make a commision when some one joins an affiliate program through them. So you do have to do the research or know people who are working with reliable companies that will actually pay you for all your hard work.
So for about 18 months I continued to try and make money online. I nearly lost my wife because of all the time I was on the Internet, but I was like a bulldog with a bone in it’s mouth I just wouldn’t let go.
Today it is getting better and I am making money online. But I am still learning too.  I do beleive in investing in  yourself,to help you grow ,keep up with all the modern trnds and products. I am just about to join a further course my self and if I enjoy it and it is worth while I will add this course to our list of Online courses having had first hand experience with it.
Now after reading this article please do not get despondent or disappointed.
As I keep saying, making money online can be done. But you need to avoid the pit falls and the scammers etc.
I hope that this site will help you do that. I also hope that it will inspire people to take up the challenge and realize the potential of the internet for making money in alternative ways.
As Gary Vaynerchuk say’s .’Today is the best time ever to be alive to make money in way’s other people have never had the chance to do’.
Be inspired be strong and be patient and you will get there in the end.

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