Blogger. Googles free websites.

Blogger Google’s free websites.


Blogger. Google’s websites.

Get a free Blogger website.


Blogger. There really are some great tools available for the online marketer who wants to make money online these days. And some of these fantastic tools are free. So One great tool that is free and that I have found to be so useful is Blogger. Blogger is Google’s free website platform. Any one can create a website on Blogger. We are also spoilt with so many Youtube video tutorials and education information about Blogger websites on google.

Blogger websites are great if your just starting out and do not have very much money to begin with. You can also integrate an email responder into a Blogger website. Don’t worry to much about this at the moment . But keep this in the back of your mind for later.
Blogger websites are owned by google and this is a great plus if you decide to use blogger as a website. Google favours its own products. People use Blogger websites for blogging and bloggers use them to share their life stories and memories.
But you can also use Blogger to make money through advertising,selling affiliate products,products and services.
The advantage of Blogger websites is that they are free so there are no hosting costs or a need to buy a domain. And they are really easy to set up. Depending on what theme you choose you can also design your lay out and make the blogger website look clean and professional. You can add pages,images,videos and links.
You can use Blogger as an affiliate site (you will have to make this clear in the small print). Or to sell a product or service. You can track how many people have visited your site and also what audience you have and where they are based. 
So if you want to take a step into the online world of making money online Blogger is a great place to start.
It is easy to get a Blogger account,you will need a Gmail address and you will then sign into Blogger using this email address. And once signed into Blogger you can then choose the name of your Blogger website. Which will be [YOUR CHOSEN NAME] Sometimes the name of your site you choose may be taken but keep trying with variations on that name if the name you chose was not available. Try to keep the name of your site in line with the product or service you are providing. For example of you were offering top class vitamins you might try .
Once you have your name you can then choose a theme. You can also customize these themes too. But again there are so many great videos on Youtube to show you how to do this.
To get a Blogger website go too
Let us know in the comments how you are getting on with Blogger or message me if you have any questions.

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