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Make passive income gold was created to help people who want to make money online. Royston Gold who has put this site together has been where you are now. He did struggle and felt totally lost in the beginning on his journey into the world of making money on the internet. With guru’s at every turn. People interrupting  your You tube video every few minutes trying to get you to buy their courses. Programs that tell you you can become rich with out doing very much work. People promising you that you can give up your day job.

The online world of make money online can seem like a jungle. and many people give up, get lost, take on to many things at once and feel disappointed .

The number of Internet users in 2020 is 4.75 billion a potential

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Coronavirus: If you like me are now on lock down in your house and you still have access to the internet then now is the time to start earning money online. The Corona virus Covid.19 has given millions of people in fact over 1.7 billion people time to do things that they may not have had time for before. Use this time you have to learn how to make money online today.


But try and remember the thing that kept me going through many many trials and tribulations. The internet is HUGE. At present while I write this post there are 3.7 billion people connected to internet world wide. And the internet is not going to go away. With an estimated 5 billion people connected to the internet in the next few years. This means that any one with some knowledge of how to go about making money online has the potential to make money on the internet. And it is a fact that a lot of people are making a lot of money on the internet. Never before in man kind’s history has there been a better time to be alive. The potential to earn money online is there for any one that has an internet connection.

Our site will help you and hopefully give you choices to aid you in the online world of making money online.